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About ScriptsFrenzy PHP Scripts


Unfortunately, there are people on the internet who desire to break things. PHP scripts are often the targets of hackers... some are motivated just to cause aggravation and others want to destroy data or steal information.

Like all other PHP developers, ScriptsFrenzy has been the target of hackers on occasions. We take such activity very seriously and respond as soon as any problems are reported. In most cases, we have issued revised code within 24 hours of problem reports.


Since ScriptsFrenzy delivers source code with each license purchased by our customers, it is difficult to control the distribution of our programs. Some have illegally provided copies of the scripts to others.

Selling (or giving away) our scripts is a violation of DMCA and copyright laws!

ScriptsFrenzy does NOT have resellers or distributors of our scripts. There are some sites who CLAIM to sell our scripts but they are violating our copyrights. Unfortunately, a couple are located out of our country and we have been unable to shut them down... they are selling old versions of our scripts and have a reputation for providing NO support. They just take your money and ignore you afterward.

ScriptsFrenzy does NOT support any script sold by another site!

Installing such copies is itself an illegal activity AND puts your website in possible danger since you don't know what changes might have been made to illegal copies of the script. You might be installing a "back door" for someone to easily gain access to your entire system! At the very least, you probably don't have the latest version of the script and it may be vulnerable to known hacking exploits.


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